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'hell On Wheels' Star Anson Mount Shares Best Advice Jon Hamm Gave Him | Inside Tv | Ew.com

This is gonna be worth it, I promiseOh, okay. Yeah. So my first year of graduate school I was very excited to get there and start working intensely on the classics and work with this very famous Romanian director named Andrei Serban. We get there, and hes in the middle of directing the third years in their thesis, and he says he wants us to be in the play. Were so excited, and we start http://jospehsqec.wallinside.com rehearsing, and it turns out were there to basically carry spears and play a bunch of tangential roles [Laughs] including pigs. So at one point, already sweating from running around the stage so http://zieplovor.wallinside.com many times, we had to throw on these pig masks and grunt our way to this sand pit. Its like, Okay, Im living the dream now. Im grunting like a pig in a Black Box Theatre on 4th Street. Do you remember your first death scene? web link
Source: http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/11/22/hell-on-wheels-anson-mount-jon-hamm/

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